Proud Manufacturers of the Iconic Hycrack™ Log Splitter


The best testimonials come from current users. We often do not receive them direct, but we know of them because a friend of the owner calls us to buy one. Paraphrasing, but typical quotes are, one of your Hy-crack™ customers tells me it is the ONLY splitter to buy, tell me why or my gardener is frightened to use my hydraulic ram splitter, please can I have details of the Hy-crack™ or most often I borrowed my neighbour’s Hy-crack™, it is brilliant/ ideal/ perfect for my needs etc, I’d now like to buy my own.

We once had a customer arrive on our stand at the Royal Show with his old cone which he had worn almost flat. He was a commercial operator who had used his Hy-crack™ for over twenty years, and virtually every day, splitting apple tree logs. Apart from regular replacement tips and eventually a new cone he had never had a down day through machine fault during the 20 years of use. He suggested we set up a museum, donating the worn cone as a start!

As stated the best testimonials come from current users. Given the number of machines in operation we almost always are able to refer prospective customers to a current owner in their vicinity, with their prior permission of course.


When these machines were first introduced in the mid 1980s the equivalent of today’s Health & Safety officer positively oozed excitement. He appreciated how efficient they were, but to him the importance was the safety of use generally, but especially when compared to a saw bench and the fatigue related dangers when pointing posts for a full day. When pointing a stake it is physically impossible for an operator to be injured by the blades.

Over the years we have received so many positive comments, but they all tend to include several of the following: high quality of fabrication and build of the machine, efficiency of production (250,000 stakes a year is perfectly possible), the ability for operators to work a full day on a machine, the quality and consistency of the stake point and especially the safety.

Many sawmills have several standard machines working in tandem. The Hy-speed version is the most popular and many customers also have one of the corner post pointing machines which is adjustable to cope with the varying diameters of stake.

Hy-crack™ Testimonial

Borrowed my neighbours machine. Just had to have my own. Brilliant machine, seems to split everything and so straight forward to use.

Hy-crack™ Testimonial

My gardener/handyman is now splitting logs again – he had frightened himself when using a hydraulic machine and was reluctant to use it. Yours splits so much better and faster too. Great bit of kit.

Hy-crack™ Testimonial

Great machine by the way. We only have wood to heat the house and water and so I have used the machine extensively and it has made my life much easier.