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What is a PTO?

Stands for Power Take Off, the power from a tractor. The connecting shaft is included in the price and has a special yoke at the log splitter end which enables a tension pin to be passed through it to act as a shear device. This pin protects the machine in the event of a torsion overload. These pins are of a specific strength and the correct type must be used.

What horse power (hp) tractor is needed?

Ideal is 20 to 50 hp although there is no upper limit and we have many customers using compact tractors operating at less than 20hp. A lower power tractor may struggle with very large or particularly green or knotty logs. With lower hp the worst that can happen is that a log sticks and has to be cut off. As a rule logs you are able to lift can be split, although with very large diameter logs it is better initially to split the side of the log rather than splitting through the middle.

How does a Hy-crack™ compare in power terms with hydraulic splitters?

The standard (HC1X) and wide deck (HC1XW) models are equivalent to at least 40 tons.

The larger contractor/ estate model (HC2X) is equivalent to over 80 tons splitting power.

Hydraulic splitters in the same price range tend to be rated at a mere 2-10 tons (ours 40 – 80 tons).

Hydraulic splitters in the same hp range are typically priced in the several thousands (ours c. £1,000).

Other differences are: continuous splitting action from the Hy-crack™, so no waiting for the ram to reset, a large platform area that can be raised or lowered to a comfortable working height, the ability to split logs that are too wide, too misshapen or too knotty for other splitters and all at a significantly greater speed. The Hy-crack™ safety record, durability, cost and pound for pound efficiency are other differentiators.

What types of wood can be split?

A Hy-crack™ will happily split all types of wood and especially firewood such as ash, oak, beech and birch. Knotty and twisted pieces, that a hydraulic machine or axe cannot cope with, are no problem for our machines.

What size of logs can be split?

The standard (HC1X) and wide deck (HC1XW) models will split just about anything you can lift. As a guide we state logs 60cm long and 75cm diameter (24x 30). The HC2X can split virtually any “round”, but we state 1m long and 1m diameter (40x 40).

Can I split logs down to kindling?

In a word, yes. Logs can be split down to all sizes, especially useful when logs are for more compact log burners.

At what speed should I run the log splitter?

This does vary from tractor to tractor, but generally we recommend running the tractor PTO between 350-400rpm. This is marginally above tick-over and is generally ideal as you do not need, or want, the splitter to turn too quickly. Saves fuel too.

Which model will best meet my needs?

Most people opt for the wide deck model (HC1XW) as the relatively small extra cost is amply repaid with the reduced lifting of logs. (The extra width of deck provides room for one half of a split log to be put to one side, rather than back on the ground, when splitting the other half down to the required size). The HC1X and W will cope with the needs of a small holder, farmer or domestic situation.

The HC2X is larger in all ways and is mainly aimed at firewood merchants, contractors and larger estates.

How many people are required to operate a Hy-crack™?

One person can comfortably split logs all day, although a helper is useful for stacking split logs or emptying a full trailer.

Where are these machines made, I am concerned about quality?

An excellent question. The Hy-crack™ is British made and has been for over 35 years. We know a large number of the early machines are still in operation which is perhaps the best testament to the quality.

Which parts wear and are they replaceable?

There are wearing parts, most typical being the tip and over time and much use the bearings and cone will need replacing. As a very rough guide a tip is replaced every two to four years and a cone perhaps after ten years, but probably not even then. Clearly it depends on use but the Hydrocut managing director produces fire wood for his home and the machine is used by a neighbour similarly. After over twenty years of use the machine is on just its fifth tip and still with the original cone and bearings. As when using a chainsaw, wood and logs with mud will blunt equipment much faster than clean wood. All parts are available and in 35 years we have never been out of stock.

How long for delivery from order and how much does the carriage cost?

Delivery is via 3 to 4 day courier and the cost is included in the price to all parts of the UK except offshore, the Grampians and Scottish Highlands (a price will be quoted at the time of ordering).

What are the safety features and safety record of the Hy-crack™?

As with all moving machinery there is a potential danger. The design of the Hy-crack™ incorporates various safety features. We stress the need for all users, and not just the owner, to read the operating manual and never to ignore the health and safety aspect of using the machine. The manual contains detailed instructions for the safe fitting and operation of the machine and we particularly draw your attention to the need for a tractor stop control that can be activated when using the machine. A cord is provided for tractors with a pull stop and threads through cleats on the guard rail. For key stop tractors further advice should be sought from the tractor supplier to fit a solenoid switch.

We are unaware of any injuries requiring medical treatment. Although when operated correctly this is how it should be, even we are surprised that we are able to state this, given we have been making and selling these machines for over 35 years and are approaching the 10,000 sales mark and accidents do happen in life. By the very nature of its design we are confident in being able to say that it is certainly one of the safest machines on the market for splitting logs by hand and anecdotally materially better than many.

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